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Kabal of the Broken Sigil

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Warrior Basic Data Symbol
- Kabal of the Broken Sigil -
Archon: Lord Xerathis [3]
Colours: Green

The Kabal of the Broken Sigil is one of the great Kabals found in the High Commorragh. They can date their origin back to the days of The Fall.[1a]


The Kabal takes its icon from the ancient Eldar glyph Drethuchii, loosely translated as the shattering of harmony. Like its namesake, the Kabal is infamous for its acts of discord. Whenever order and prosperity abound, the Broken Sigil will bring confusion and despair to even the most idyllic places in the galaxy. Terror tactics are much beloved by its Kabalites, so much so that Archon Xerathis is looked down upon his rivals for the "predictability" of his strategies.[4]

The Harvest of Chogros

In 543.M41, the Kabal launched a series of raids on the Feral World of Chogros. Chogros is known for its Ogryn population, often recruited from by the Imperial Guard. For Dark Eldar, ogryns are prized raw material for the twisted Haemonculi, and make excellent opponents for the Wyches in gladiatorial fights.

The war between these hulking abhumans and the Dark Eldar was brief, and thousands of ogryns were captured and forced aboard the Dark Eldar's transport ships.

The Imperial Guard was furious at what had happened and sent Catachan, Elysian and Katon regiments on Chogros on search and destroy missions.[2]

They were not successful. Those Guardsmen who were not killed were also captured by the Dark Eldar, taken back to Commorragh and sold to the Wych Cults. In the end, those Guardsmen were forced to fight in the arenas against the very ogryns they had intended to free.[1b]

Their raiding territory is located within southern Ultima Segmentum, where they are currently battling Necrons.[5]

Notable members

Olascyn Vongoliot, Kabalite Warrior

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