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Kabal of the Dying Sun

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The Kabal of the Dying Sun is one of the oldest and most revered Dark Eldar Kabals of Commorragh.

Warrior Basic Data Symbol
Dying Sun and Falling Moon Kabals.jpg
- Kabal of the Dying Sun -
Archon: Vorl-Xoelanth
Colours: Blue with red trim and black
Dying Sun symbol.jpg


The Dying Sun are known to show great disdain to anything that is not thousands of years old.[2] They maintain many old artifacts from the Eldar Empire and are infamous for their ability to extinguish stars.[3]

Based in an area of Commorragh known as the Pinnacle of Disdain[3], they prefer raids by sunset, for their leader, Archon Vorl-Xoelanth, is obsessed with the transition from light and hope to darkness and despair. The Kabal claims it is able to destroy stars, much to the mockery of other Kabals, but their rivals can not explain the disappearance of the sun Echillos during the Aleuthan Persecution.[2]

The arch-rival of the Kabal of the Dying Sun is the Kabal of the Falling Moon, with the lunar sect ruled by Vorl-Xoelanth's twin brother, Y'polleon[1]

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