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Kabal of the Ebon Law

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The Kabal of the Ebon Law are a Dark Eldar Kabal[1b]

Basic Data
- Kabal of the Ebon Law -
Archon: Vardracht
Colours: Unknown

For years the Kabal conducted a series of raids on the same planets, before they drew the attention of the Ordo Xenos. Inquisitor Sashella lead an ambush on the planet Agritha[1a], with five hundred Imperial Guard infantry and armoured units, a company of Storm Troopers, two Warhound Scout Titans of the Legio Crucis and a Deathwatch Kill Team. Despite all this, the Kabal overcame all the forces arraigned against them; killing the Inquisitor and taking numerous captives back to Commorragh.[1b]

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