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Kabal of the Emasculators

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The Kabal of the Emasculators is a Dark Eldar Kabal that is dominated by its female members; its male members are virtually enslaved to their will. The Kabal is known for its skilled warriors and its Archon has a reputation in Commorragh as being incredibly vicious and deadly even by the standards of the Dark Eldar. Unfortunately, her luxuriating delight in killing her foes means that her raids return to Commorragh with few slaves, and this has prevented the Kabal of the Emasculators from rising to the position that its deadly warriors deserve.[1]


Conflicting sources

The Eldar & Dark Eldar Collectors' Guide lists Kruellagh the Vile as the Kabal of the Emasculators's Archon[1], however the Codex: Dark Eldar (3rd Edition) lists her as the Archon of the Kabal of the Flayed Skull.[2]

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