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Kabal of the Lords of Iron Thorn

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The Lords of Iron Thorn are a Dark Eldar Kabal which can trace its lineage back to the founding of Commorragh itself, being one of the original great houses of the city.[2]

Warrior Basic Data Symbol
Thornlords Kabal.jpg
- Kabal of the Lords of Iron Thorn -
Archon: Marquis Vaulkhere
Colours: Grey
Lords of Iron Thorn symbol.jpg


The Lords of the Iron Thorn are truly ancient, having ruled over Pandaimon, a sub-realm of Commorragh, since before the Fall. In the long distant past they were part of the Dark City's aristocracy.[5]

Under Archon Qu, the Lords of the Iron Thorn declared the independence of Pandaimon from Commorragh and fought a great war with the Kabal of the Black Heart. This rebellion met a decisive end with Qu's death at the hands of Asdrubael Vect.[2] Following their defeat they pledged themselves to Vect's service, crafting great war machines for the Black Heart. Their gunboats are beyond peer, and many of the Black Heart's Raiders bear the mark of the Iron Thorn.

Despite the domination by Asdrubael Vect that has since taken place across the Dark City, the Thornlords are still very powerful. Though they still consider themselves 'of true blood', the Lords of Iron Thorn wisely refrain from flaunting their heritage in front of the Kabal of the Black Heart, for Vect keeps a very close eye on his ancient rivals.[1]

The Lords of Iron Thorn are routinely seen in realspace raids. These raids allow them to show the superiority of their armada – over the ponderous machines of the lesser races, as well as those of their own kin –and keep them well-supplied with slaves for their dark factories. They favour overwhelming firepower with massed craft, the deafening screams of their grav-engines terrorising their victims as they emerge from the webway.[3][5]

After the formation of the Great Rift the Iron Thorn were manipulated by Asdrubael Vect into eliminating their hated rivals, the Kabal of Poisoned Hope. Vect had wished to destroy the Ynnari forces harbored in the Poisoned Hope's base of Commorragh, the Howling Spire. The raid was led by Archon Marquis Vaulkhere himself.[4]

Notable members

Dyoz Nazzanct, Kabalite Warrior

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