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Kabal of the Realm Eternal

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The Kabal of the Realm Eternal was a Dark Eldar Kabal.


This page contains spoilers for: Path of the Renegade (Novel)

Under the command of the aging Archon Kraillach, the Realm Eternal conspired with Nyos Yllithian of the Kabal of the White Flames and Xelian of the Kabal of the Blades of Desire to overthrow Asdrubael Vect and gain control of Commorragh. To accomplish this, the Realm Eternal aided Nyos' mission to resurrect El'uriaq, the legendary Tyrant of Shaa-Dom.[1a] However Vect's agents were able to pit the Realm Eternal and Blades of Desire against one another by staging an attack upon Kraillach's Fortress and making it appear as if Xelian was behind it, driving the aging Archon to paranoia. The Realm Eternal assaulted the Blades of Desires fortress in turn, resulting in a bloody confrontation for both sides. In the face of the paranoia and fear gripping Kraillach, management of the Kabal fell to his trusted Incubi lieutenant Morr.[1b] The Kabal itself was destroyed when Morr discovered that Kraillach had become possessed by a Daemon since his encounter with El'Uriaq, causing the loyal Incubi to strike down his damned master. Afterwards, the Kabal broke apart into warring factions.[1c][1d]

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