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Kabal of the Severed

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The Kabal of the Severed are a Dark Eldar Kabal that are fully spacebound.[1]

They have plagued the Imperial worlds of the Ghoroid Strip for years [1] and have at some point or other brought every world in the Strip to its knees.[2]

Warrior Basic Data Symbol
The Severed Kabal.jpg
- Kabal of the Severed -
Archon: S'aronai Ariensis [1]
Colours: Purple and green [2]
Speciality: Unknown
Severed symbol.jpg


The Severed left Commorragh hundreds of years ago when their Archon S'aronai Ariensis botched a coup. But the exact circumstances are known by no one save Ariensis himself. It is well known however that it cost Ariensis his left hand and his place in Commorragh. He took his Kabal into space and now defiantly refuses to regenerate his hand. His Kabalite Warriors, in a peculiar act of solidarity, often mutilate themselves in a similar manner by replacing their right hands with talons, blades, whips, augmetic claws or even more lethal prosthetics.[1] They also adorn their brightly painted Raiders and Ravagers with chains of shriveled hands taken from Dark Eldar, Space Marine and Imperial Guardsman alike.[2]

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