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Kabal of the Severed Hope

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The Kabal of the Severed Hope is a Dark Eldar Kabal.[1]


In 985.M41 the Kabal’s Archon, Shyrrek, sought to turn the Orks of Waaagh! Hammafist against the T'au Empire colony of Korvessa. Using hit and run attacks, Shyrrek’s fleet lured the much larger Ork force toward Korvessa, but in their arrogance they underestimated the Orks completely. Using short range tellyporta drives, a number of Warlord Hammafist’s kroozers leapfrogged the Dark Eldar, leaving them surrounded and cut off from escape into the webway. Archon Shyrrek’s forces fought like devils to escape the tightening ring of Ork ships. However, their resistance came to an end when Hammafist and his Meganob retinue tellyported on board Shyrrek’s flagship and sliced the Archon to shreds with their roaring killsaws.[1]

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