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Kaban Machine

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The Kaban Machine.[2]

The Kaban Machine was the name given to a robotic machine developed by the Adept Lukas Chrom.


The Kaban Machine had been secretly constructed by Master Adept Chrom during the latter years of the Great Crusade. Despite the secrecy involved in its development, whispers of the Kaban Project were heard over the Martian data conduits, with some talking about Chrom working on Artificial Intelligence engines on his forge.

Chrom later unleashed the device during an covert attack on the reactors of Adept Maximal in the Gigas Fossae in order to test its capabilities. Once there, it destroyed much of its opposition until it was sighted by a member of the Knights of Taranis. Raf Maven engaged the unit in his Knight where he struggled to combat the machine. After the reactor's explosion, the Kaban Machine seemingly disappeared.

It was later discovered by a cargo hauler by the name of Quixus. Whilst uncovering the device, he was found by Adept Chrom who was accompanied by a group of his Skitarii. After introducing himself, Chrom called the Kaban Machine to him, whereupon it aimed its weapons at Quixus and killed him. Once it was recovered, it became part of the Dark Mechanicum forces that operated on Mars who supported Warmaster Horus during the Horus Heresy and aided the rebel forces at the time of the Schism of Mars.


This machine was different from its peers as it was an Artificial Intelligence. Its bulk was as wide as it was tall and was equipped with a fearsome array of weapons with several being mounted on weapon-tentacles, some of which were recognisable whilst others were a complete mystery. The machines form of locomotion took the form of a heavy tracked unit allowing it to move about its environment. In addition to its armoured skin, it was also equipped with void shielding to protect it from harm.

Measuring ten meters tall, its form was roughly spherical in shape with two arms that were heavily weaponised that were located on opposite sides of one another. There were also high pauldrons that were designed to protect its sensory apparatuses behind which were a number of metallic arms that extended from its shoulders, shaped like massive Mechadendrites that were equipped with a variety of fearsome looking devices.