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Kadeus was a former Chapter Master of the Blood Angels[2]. As a Captain he took part in Chapter Master Sangallo's disastrous Space Hulk cleansing operation, which became known in the Chapter's history as the Secoris Tragedy. Sangallo and a majority of the Blood Angels Chapter were killed beneath the claws of thousands of Genestealers, leaving only fifty Battle Brothers, led by Kadeus and Captain Dante, to escape the battle. In the wake of Sangallo's death and his Chapter's decimation, Kadeus would go on to become Chapter Master and led his Chapter from the brink of extinction[3]. During his time as Chapter Master Kadeus wielded the blade Challenger, a relic of the Chapter, and battled the Tzeentch Daemon Prince Sethselameth; after it emerged on the Battle Barge Bloodcaller. He banished the daemon and a mural of their battle was created on the ship.[1]

Kadeus would later die in the great audience chamber (Grand Annex[3]) of the Blood Angels Fortress-Monastery on Baal. Before his death Kadeus would name Dante as his successor[2] and give him the Axe Mortalis.[3]

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