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Kai Gun

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The Kai Gun is a massive, hate-fueled firearm wielded by high ranking Chaos Space Marines and Daemon Princes.[1]


The Kai Gun was produced by the machine smiths of Kai when the Kai system was absorbed into the Eye of Terror by the warp storm Gae-sann. The smiths bartered their services for a measure of protection from the Daemons of the warp and produced the Kai Gun in return. Eventually this deal came to an end when Daemons descended on Kai and butchered the population, leaving only the massive, arcane bolter-like weapons as their legacy. The gun is massive and heavy, normally only moveable by two or more normal men, however a large Daemon would have little difficulty with it. It acts as a conduit for the malice and hatred of its firer and melds them into tangible burst of energy.[1]

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