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Eldar Portal
Craftworld Kal'raktri
Current Location: Eastern Fringe[1]
Main Colours: Blue/Black[1]

Kal'raktri is an Eldar Craftworld.[1]

Kal'raktri is a forlorn and lost Craftworld, that wanders the outer reaches of the Galaxy's Eastern Fringe, staring into the great and inescapable void. It is unknown why the Craftworld treads these mysterious grounds, but it is speculated that the Eldar of Kal'raktri are searching for ancient sites and relics from before the Fall of the Eldar. Or maybe Kal'raktri's melancholic population, full of haunted Seers and ancient Wraithguard, are simply roaming the cold night in search of a peace that is forever beyond their grasp.[1]

Known Members