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Kal Jerico

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Necromundan bounty hunter; for the graphic novel series, see Kal Jerico (Graphic Novel Series).
Kal Jericho[2]

Kal Jerico is the most famous bounty hunter in Necromunda's Hive Primus.


This page contains spoilers for: Kal Jerico (Graphic Novel Series)

Born the son of Necromunda's Planetary Governor Gerontius Helmawr and Heleana Jerico (which she later described as "just one of the many disagreeable things one has to do for the greater good of the Imperium"[1]), Kal left the luxury of the spire for the life of a bounty hunter in the Underhive.

As well as hunting those with bounties on their heads, Jerico often has a bounty on his own due to his unorthodox methods, leading as often as not to trouble finding him. He resolves these situations using his trademark debonair swashbuckling style, relying on quick wits and his good luck more than brute strength.

Most recently, Jerico has been summoned uphive a number of times to fulfil various missions for his family.


Ambidextrous, Jerico wields two laser-sighted duelling laspistols as his trademark and carries a trusty sabre. He also uses photon flash flares and frag grenades to escape from unpleasant situations.

Associates & Enemies

His associates include his half-Ratskin sidekick Scabbs and more recently his family's Cyber-Mastiff Wotan and former enemy and fellow uphiver turned bounty hunter Yolanda Catallus.

The more ambivalent spy-master Nemo has called in a favour for saving Jerico's life on one occasion, while also sanctioning his lieutenant (and Jerico's enemy) Cheka to kill him. Other enemies include the insane Redemptionist Cardinal Crimson, escaped Pit Slave Vandal Feg, and Krieger Thrax.




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