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Kalagann of Ursh was a techno-barbarian warlord of the Age of Strife. He ruled over the nation-state of Ursh, located in the steppes of what had once been Russia, Siberia and Central Asia. His exploits were documented in the Chronicles of Ursh, later considered a classic work of literature. Kalagann employed powerful psykers in his armies, and used their might to unleash dark warp powers on his enemies. This did not, however, avail him when he faced the forces of the ascendant Emperor of Mankind, who defeated and killed Kalagann.[1]

Kalagann was known for wearing a distinctive suit of armor known as the Armour of Pearl, which at the time of the Horus Heresy was kept as a trophy in the vestibule of the Eternity Gate.[Needs Citation]

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