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High QueenKaligia[1]

Kaligia is the current High Queen of House Mandrakor, co-ruling with her husband and brother Kaligius.[1]

A direct descendent of Karakalis, she is devoted to preserving her House and her world of Dharrovar. She sees the constant politicking of the noble families as a necessary release of energy that would otherwise cause destructive infighting. Just like her husband, she is paranoid and suspicious and has rendered herself immune to over two hundred forms of poisons through gradual exposure. She uses her agents to manipulate the balance of power among the families of Dharrovar in such a way that her and her husband's standing remain maintained.[1]

In battle, she pilots the Knight Tyrant All-hearing, spending 2/3rds of her time in the machine and conversing with former Monarchs of the House from her Throne Mechanicum. During the Siege of Dharrovar, Kaligia fought with her guardians that consisted of daughters taken as hostages from other families. They piloted a Knight Despoiler, Knight Desecrator, and Knight Rampager respectively.[1]