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Kalimak Sebran

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Kalimak Sebran was a Prefect of the Legio Custodes' Ephoroi Order, during the Great Crusade and bore the title Vindex-minor, marking him as an assassin and swordsman of the Legio. Shortly prior to the Battle of Signus Prime, Sebran and 35 Custodes of the Chamber Vigil Magna Viridium joined the Blood Angels Legion fleet, with a group of Remembrancers. Sebran claimed to be acting as the sponsor and guardian of the Remembrancers, though few among the Blood Angels saw the assignment as fitting for one of the Legio Custodes[1a]. Regardless, the Legion gave thanks for the aid of Sebran and his warriors, when Daemon hordes were unleashed upon Signus Prime. Strangely though, the Custodes seemed the least surprised by the appearance of the Daemons.[1b]