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Kallius Insurrection

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Kallius Insurrection
Date Late M40[1]
Location Kallius Subsector[1]
Outcome Imperial victory[1]
Imperium[1] Chaos[1]
Captain Dante[1] Unknown
Near entirety of Blood Angels
Angels Numinous[1]
Chaos Space Marines,[1] Black Legion[2]
90%, all Blood Angels' Captains but Dante[1] Unknown, presumably heavy[1]

The Kallius Insurrection began when the worlds of the Kallius Subsector rose up in rebellion against the Imperium.[1]

The Angels Numinous Chapter was dispatched to put down the insurrection, but it was overwhelmed by the sheer size of the heresy behind the massive rebellion; as across the Sub-Sector, entire populations and ragtag fleets were led into battle by Chaos Space Marines drawn from countless Warbands. Seeing that the Angels Numinous needed aid, the Blood Angels dispatched three full Companies to the warzone – including the young Captain Dante and his Eighth Company – where they launched a devastating assault on the world of Kallius' Landing and its dependency worlds, in order to relive the pressure on their Successor Chapter.[1]

The Blood Angels however, soon found themselves tied up in protracted conflicts and trench wars during the insurrection, as they were caught in a cobweb of a much wider heresy. As the weeks became months and the months became years, more and more of the Chapter arrived to punish, cleanse, and reclaim the rebellious worlds. The Rolls of Honour run black with the ink of millions of enemies slain, but the Blood Angels suffered casualties beyond their ability to sustain a fighting front. It was only when reinforcements arrived, in the form of dozens of Imperial Guard Regiments and several Space Marine Chapters, that the Blood Angels gained some respite and withdrew from the conflict with their heads held high.[1]

As the remnants of the Blood Angels fleet mustered above Kallius' Landing itself however, a bitter blow was landed upon them as a Traitor armada broke from the Warp; hungry for the chance to wipe one of the proudest and noblest First Founding Chapters from the face of the Imperium. The fierce battle that followed, lasted for three days of void war and vicious boarding actions, during which Dante and his warriors were responsible for the taking and scuttling of seven capital-class vessels. When the Blood Angels at last stood victorious and took stock of their losses, fewer than two hundred Space Marines clad in red still drew breath. Not since the massacre on Mackan, nearly three thousand years earlier during the 7th Black Crusade, had the Chapter tasted such a risk of annihilation, as nine out of every ten Space Marines has been killed in the fighting, along with almost the entire Chapter Council. The last surviving Sanguinary Priests and Chaplains came together in communion and elected Dante as the next Chapter Master; due purely to the fact that he remained the Blood Angels' only Captain still left alive.[1]

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