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The Kaptins are the leaders in a Freebooters Ork Warbands. They are extremely aggresive and tough Orks with fiery tempers and command thremendous loyalty from their Orks krewmen occasionally murdering the mostly impertinents or arrogants in their warbands to keep control. In comparison with the ordinary Freebooters Kaptins dress in an even flamboyant style, favouring large cocked hat or bicorne and volumnous coats.[1]

There are exceptions to the rule that only an Ork can be a Kaptin. Sometimes Gretchin will get ideas above their position and seek to become Kaptins themselves and will use their cunning to gather weapons and recruit more of their kind to their cause. These Gretchin Kaptins will then bravely declare their independence from their Ork overlords - at least while no Orks are listening. An example of a Gretchin Kaptin is the famous Skumbo.[4]

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