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Kapua Uprising

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The Kapua Uprising was a campaign waged by the Dark Angels in M41.[1]


After hearing of a Chaos-tainted uprising in the Kapua System, the Dark Angels dispatched the Ravenwing under Grand Master Gideon to ascertain any Fallen involvement. After landing on Kapua VII the Dark Angels swept aside poorly armed rebels and Cultists, but this was quickly reversed by the arrival of Chaos Space Marines from the Black Legion and Word Bearers. Not fought to win battles of attrition, the Ravenwing withdrew despite the small numbers of Traitor Marines.[1]

After several probing raids the Ravenwing struck at the city of Vespengard after identifying it as a key traitor stronghold. There, they encountered the Chaos Reaver Titan Traitorous Ire. The Word Bearers executed a skilful ambush as the Dark Angels began to engage the Traitor Titan, and Gideon became convinced a member of the Fallen was leading the renegades. Rather then attempt to flee Gideon ordered a disastrous frontal assault on the Traitorous Ire, fatally wounding the Ravenwing Grand Master. As he lay dying, Gideon named Sammael as his successor. Sammael immediately took up the mantle and launched a counterattack that destroyed the Traitor Titan, using Land Speeders and Darkshrouds to launch a feint rear attack, a diversionary attack on its eastern flank, and a lightning-quick assault by Black Knights. The attack by the Black Knights was successful in damaging the Reaver's legs, causing it to fall to the ground and destroying its Plasma Reactor.[1]

Following the loss of their Titan, the Chaos forces struggled to regroup and were hit by a devastating Ravenwing attack. Fighting continued for seven weeks until Deathwing, 4th Company, and 5th Company reinforcements arrived to purge the enemy. Much to Sammael's disappointment, no member of the Fallen was discovered.[1]