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Kara Swole

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Kara Swole in action.[1]

Kara Swole was an operative for Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn, and later for his successor, Gideon Ravenor.


Born on Bonaventure in the Helican subsector, Kara was an acrobat and dancer with a circus troupe, until she was recruited by Eisenhorn, for her athletic abilities and her skill at theatrics.

Kara served under Eisenhorn for many years, until his disappearance in the aftermath of an investigation on the world of Ghül. During this time, she had a brief affair with her fellow team-member, bounty hunter Harlon Nayl.

Eustis Majoris

Kara accompanied Ravenor's team to Eustis Majoris, investigating the illicit trade in "flects," dangerous xeno artifacts. They stumbled onto a conspiracy orchestrated from the office of the Lord Governor Subsector himself, whose officials lured Ravenor and his team to Lucky Space, planning to "disappear" them.

When enemy agents seized control of Ravenor's ship, Kara narrowly overpowered her assailants and was forced to don a vac suit and enter space outside the ship to make her way to her teammates. She inadvertently exposed herself to intense radiation outside the ship, contracting terminal cancer. However, she kept her condition secret from the rest of the team, intending to complete their mission. Later, the Slyte-possessed Carl Thonius cured her of this.

Before their covert return to Eustis Majoris, Ravenor warned her about the dangers and gave her the chance to opt out of the mission. She declined, responding, "the show must go on."


Kara was often described as a beauty, athletic yet voluptuous.

Seeing a folded picture of a naked Kara in Nayl's quarters, Zael Effernetti was tempted to look closer, until Nayl threatened to kill him if he did; Zael rejoined that it would probably be worth it, and Nayl admitted with a laugh that it would.

Watching Kara exercise with a punching bag, from the confines of his suspensor chair, Ravenor experienced one of the rare moments when he resented the destruction of his physical body.