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Lyandro Karras

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Lyandro Karras is a member of the Deathwatch Kill-team Talon.


A Codicer of the Death Spectres' Librarium, Karras was appointed the field leader of the squad shortly after its formation. His official call-sign was Talon Alpha, but amongst the kill-team he was usually referred to as Scholar. Karras saw service in the Deathwatch as an opportunity to gather great glory for both himself and his Chapter. He is known to have led his Kill-team for at least six years.[1][2]

Possessed of strong psychic powers, Karras' use of them caused an unusual side-effect; a wound would open in his forehead, growing more severe the more he pushed himself. He likened this to a physical manifestation of his 'inner eye', as one his main powers was the ability to project his consciousness from his body and employ far-ranging mindsight. It would heal within moments after he stopped using his power. As well as this form of astral projection, Karras could employ straightforward telepathy, to read minds.[1]

On numerous occasions, Scholar attempted to create a friendly bond with the Exorcist Darrion Rauth ("Watcher"), but found himself rebuffed every time; Rauth was content to remain aloof, and simply observe his squad commander with detachment.[1]

As well as the usual specialised equipment that the Deathwatch provided for their Kill-teams, Karras was armed with his personal force sword, Arquemann.[1] Arquemann is the third-holiest relic of the Death Spectres Chapter, after the Shariax and the bones and armour of Corcaedus, the Chapter's founder.[3a]