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The Kasrkin are elite troops of the Imperial Guard dedicated to the security of the Fortress World of Cadia from which they hail. Because they are special forces troops drawn from the same world as the existing Cadian Shock Troops, their name comes from the title of the fortress cities of Cadia, which are called "Kasrs" in the native dialect of Low Gothic.[Needs Citation]


The Cadian Shock Troops are already known throughout the Imperium as a highly-skilled and disciplined force, so the ranks of the Kasrkin are truly amongst the best of the best in the Imperial Guard. Many potential recruits for the Kasrkin are chosen at a young age when they are still serving as Whiteshields (new recruits) in the Cadian Planetary Defence Forces within the Cadian Youth Army. Those who are chosen must first prove themselves in the Shock Troops and become Hardened Veterans before they are guided to the Kasrkin. Their training is greater than even that of the elite Imperial Storm Troopers and they are utterly dedicated to the preservation of Cadia, whereas Imperial Storm Troopers are indoctrinated to provide for the defence of the entire Imperium of Man as a whole. Punishing regimes of additional training in the harshest warzones tempers each Kasrkin into a hardened fighter who is capable of facing the horrors of battle in the late 41st Millennium. To serve in the Kasrkin is a great honour, for they are amongst the finest troops in the Imperium. However, much is expected of such warriors -- the Kasrkin are constantly placed in the fiercest fighting, sent into battle against deadly foes, and relied upon to act above and beyond the call of duty in the Emperor's name. The roll of valour for the Kasrkin is long and well-respected, for they are warriors of exceptional courage. Many times, the tide of battle has been turned by the precise firepower and iron discipline of the Kasrkin.[2][1][7]

Kasrkin are highly trained in the use of numerous heavy weapons, and are entrusted with special equipment of high quality and rare craftsmanship such as their Hellguns and Hotshot Lasguns, which are much more powerful versions of the normal Lasgun used by regular Guardsmen. They wear Carapace Armor and helmets sealed for hazardous environments. This armour also deflects and absorbs incoming projectiles far better than standard Imperial Guard Flak Armour. Kasrkin are also given minor biological modifications that increase their overall resilience while allowing them to move quickly despite their heavier gear. Kasrkin sergeants often wield rare and powerful equipment more commonly used by Imperial Guard officers such as Power Swords and hot-shot Laspistols. The Kasrkin often carry special weapons suited to their assault role on the battlefield and exceptional marksmanship, including Plasma Guns, Meltaguns, Grenade Launchers, and Flamers. Much like the elite Grenadiers, the Kasrkin carry both Frag Grenades and Krak Grenades and are extensively trained in the use of these weapons. Some chroniclers amongst the Tactica Imperialis have recorded a number of difficult firefights in the Kasrkin's history that were resolved by the creative application of grenades.[4]

The Kasrkin also have an ethos of duty and honour that is impressive for members of the Imperial Guard, who are usually far more interested simply in staying alive. Whereas the standard Storm Trooper is looked down upon by many different regiments of Imperial Guardsmen for their elite status, the Kasrkin are looked upon with great favour among the standard regiments of Cadian Shock Troops. They are the ultimate warriors of the Imperial Guard who fought against the Forces of Chaos, and they led the charge in the defence of Cadia from the Chaotic forces of Abaddon's 13th Black Crusade in 999.M41 that is currently still occupying much of the Fortress World's surface. To be a Kasrkin is to hold a position of honour, and all Cadians recognise this truth and the role they play in defending their world.[4]

Veteran Kasrkin

Even amongst the elite ranks of the Kasrkin, there are those who have fought in more battles than any other. These "Veteran Kasrkin" are often sought after by Generals and other high-ranking leaders of the Astra Militarum. Cadia's High Command will only approve such requests if an officer's cause is deemed worthy, and if so, they will be able to field squads of Veteran Kasrkin as their personal commandos and honour-guards.[7]