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Kataphron Battle Servitor

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Kataphron Battle Servitor

Kataphron Battle Servitors are a type of war Servitor used by the Adeptus Mechanicus.


Completely severed from all emotion and independent thought, these machines are little more than a living weapon controlled by Tech-Priests. They are much larger and more powerful than the Servitors used by the rest of the Imperium.[1]

Kataphron Battle Servitors come in two main types:


Kataphron Breachers are used by the Mechanicum as a living shield and battering ram, smashing apart enemy lines. They are deadly in close quarters combat, equipped with a large array of weapons that can include Heavy Arc Rifles, Torsion Cannons, Arc Claws, Hydraulic Claws, and Plasma Calivers.[1]

These machines are also equipped with Kataphron Breacherplate, powerful cybernetically-enhanced titanium-laced metal and plastisteel that turns aside blades and bullets alike.[2]


Kataphron Destroyers are used as heavy weapon platforms by the Mechanicum, ensuring that nothing will be left of their enemies but molten sludge. They are equipped with a large amount of heavy weaponry that includes Grav Cannons, Phosphor Blasters, Plasma Culverins, and Flamers.[1]

For protection, these machines are equipped with Kataphron Demiplate, lighter armour that allows better cooling of its heavy weaponry. Nonetheless, this cybernetically-enhanced heavy steel provides a great deal of protection.[2]

Notable Kataphron Battle Servitors


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