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Katerina Moriana

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Katerina Moriana, who went by Katt, was a Psyker who was a citizen of Calth when the Word Bearers attacked the world, during the Horus Heresy. As the invasion raged, Katt soon joined a small group of Imperials who escaped with the Perpetual Ollanius Persson, into a Warp Rift he created.[1a]

She is one of several figures tied into the origins of the mysterious Moriana.[5]


This began a journey through time and space, as Ollanius Persson tried to reach Terra before the traitorous Warmaster Horus could kill the Emperor. In order to do so, Persson had to use a Athame ritual blade to create numerous temporary Warp Rifts, to travel through. However soon afterwards, the group began to be pursued by a Daemon who sought to stop them before they reached Terra. No matter how many Warp Rifts they escaped into, the Daemon was able to track the group down and was always close behind them. This led Katt to discover she had Psychic abilities, as she was able to determine the length of time it would take before the Daemon reached them[1a]. While Katt's abilities caused some, like Hebet Zybes, to be wary of her[1b], Persson fully trusted her and relied on her to aid him. So much so, that as they neared Terra, Persson wondered if the the group's journey would have been as successful, if they could not have relied on Katt's psychic powers.[1a]

Katt survived the journey to Terra and the clutches of the Emperor's Children in the dream-garden known as Paradise. Along with John Grammaticus, she was disdainful of the presence of Actaea and her Alpha Legion protector.[1d] Journeying with the group, Katt displayed formidable psychic abilities when their aircraft was engaged by traitor fire over the Imperial Palace.[2a] However in the end their Arvus Lighter was shot down, and Katt along with the others were escorted by "Alpharius" into the tunnels leading to the Sanctum Imperialis.[2b]

Katt accompanied the group into the Imperial Dungeon, eventually using her powers with the help of John Grammaticus to prove Actae was not out to help Horus win the war.[3a] The group eventually reached the Golden Throne alongside the other "Argonauts", but discovering that the Emperor had gone to fight Horus aboard the Vengeful Spirit.[3b]

As the group continued on their quest, they were confronted by Erebus on the walls of the Imperial Palace. During the subsequent fight most of the group were slain, culminating in a massive psychic battle between Actae and Erebus. The psychic blast unleashed by Actae caused the wall they were standing on to collapse, burying them both in rubble.[4a] As Actae lay beneath the rubble, surviving only due to her Perpetual nature, she felt the last gasps of pained life escape from Kat.[4b]

Actae later discovered that her and Kat's minds had melded together during their mutual deaths, and she takes on her name in the aftermath.[5]

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