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Kaurava IV

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Kaurava IV is the outermost planet of the Kaurava system. It was on this world that a massive Warp storm erupted, plunging the entire system into chaos and warfare.[1]

The planet has two continents (the southern continent is called Parmenie), and a moon called Lacunae.[1]

Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: Kaurava IV Kaurava4.jpg
Segmentum: Ultima Segmentum
Sector: Lithesh Sector
Subsector: Unknown
System: Kaurava system
Population: Unknown
Affiliation: Orks , formerly Imperium
Class: Ork World
Tithe Grade: Unknown

Places of Note

Northern Continent

  • Marconia: The regional capital of Kaurava IV is isolated from much of the upper continent by the Morholt Range. Prior to the Warpstorm, this province was comprised of dozens of aggregated cities, centers of learning, art, and industry.[1]
  • Tristam Plains: This province contains the majority of the planet's land along the equator. The general lack of warmth on Kaurava IV makes the Tristram Plains the best farmland by far.[1]
  • Peninsula of Iseult: Once a beautiful patchwork of city and rolling farmland, the Peninsula now served as headquarters for the newly arrived Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marines. Many suspected that the peninsula was in fact the very heart of the storm itself (which turned out to be true when the Storm dispersed upon the destruction of the Alpha Legion stronghold).[1]
  • Morholt Range: This great mountain range crosses the entire upper continent of Kaurava IV, from top to bottom, and is so pitched and uneven that it is both uninhabitable and impassable to humans (Gurmun's Pass offers the only land-passage between the northeast and the southwest of the Morholt Range). The lower stretches of the Morholts are full of vertiginous peaks and waterfalls thousands of meters high. Before the arrival of Chaos, the Morholts were known to be verdant and fertile. Now they were full of strife as the Alpha Legion and the Black Heart Kabal battled for the single Ancient Gate located there.[1]

Southern Continent

  • Parmenie was colonised by devotees of the Cult Mechanicus. Since that time, many factories have been built on Parmenie to supply the system's Imperial Guard garrison with tanks and weaponry. An interesting note is that when the Dark Eldar began their raids on Kaurava IV, they found Parmenie far more difficult to raid than the upper continent.[1]


  • Lacunae: Kaurava IV's single moon contains an Ancient Gate, making it vital for interplanetary travel. When the Black Heart Kabal Dark Eldar arrived in the system, they quickly slaughtered the Imperial population on the moon and seized control of the Ancient Gate.[1]

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