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Kayvas Initiative

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The Kayvas Initiative was a campaign of the Great Crusade.[1]


The campaign was waged by the Blood Angels and Alpha Legion against Orks scattered from the Ullanor Crusade in the Kayvas Belt. As the Orks struck against nearby Imperial Systems, the Alpha Legion tracked the Greenskins to their asteroid holdfasts. Initially the Luna Wolves were tasked with prosecuting the campaign, but due to the bloody War on Murder and Interex conflict their involvement was put on hold. Despite Alpharius' projections of a 5 year war, the conflict reached its climax after 13 months when Sanguinius committed nearly every Blood Angels ship to the war.[1]

However the war soon ground to a halt on the edges of the Kayvas System, the Blood Angels blockading the system as the Alpha Legion and 88th Expeditionary Fleet vanished in its interior. Somehow, the Alpha Legion instigated an Ork retreat from the system, and the Blood Angels picked off the Greenskin ships one by one. With the Alpha Legion having caused an Ork panic but still missing, Sanguinius sent a Frigate to search for his allies. However they returned from the Kayvas Belt with no word of the Legion, only the wrecks of Greenskin ships. Towards the end of the conflict as a final mass push out of the System by Ork vessels was blocked by Blood Angels ships, the Alpha Legion again appeared, having herded the Greenskins into the trap.[1]

Despite the Alpha Legion officially offering their gratitude's for the Blood Angels role in the war, in truth relations between the two Legion's were strained.[1]