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Ke'lshan, alternatively spelt as Kel'shan [3], is a Tau sept located near the Perdus Rift. It was founded as part of the second phase colonies.[1]

Map Tau Sept Data Planetary Image
Map ke'lshan.jpg Name Ke'lshan Ke'lshan Sept Symbol.png Unknown.jpg
Expansion: Second
Location: Eastern Fringe Ke'lshan Fire Warrior.jpg
Colours: Dark Grey

Sept Information

Its inhabitants have a reputation of being solemn, withdrawn, unfriendly, and at times even openly hostile to aliens. This mistrust is due to frequent invasions by all manner of alien races.[1][2a]

Sept colour
Golden Yellow
Codex Grey
Codex Grey mixed with Chaos Black

Ke'lshan's uniform colouring is suitable for shipboard duty, such as the Cadres stationed aboard Air Caste vessels interdicting the Perdus Rift.[2b]


In 876.M39, the world was raided by cruel Eldar (likely Dark Eldar), and in retaliation the Tau destroyed the Maiden World of Lilarsus.[4] It was also the planet that saw the development of the XV107 R'varna Battlesuit.[5]

Hive Fleet Gorgon

When Hive Fleet Gorgon invaded the Tau Empire and destroyed an orbital perimeter outpost of the Sha'draig colony in 980899.M41, the Ke'lshan fleet was sent to investigate, commanded by Kor'o Valroth. But by the time the fleet arrived, Sha'draig was already under siege. The fleet breached the Tyranid blockade of the planet long enough to deliver reinforcements to the surface. In 843901.M41 Supreme Admiral Kor'O'Vanan deemed the situation irretrievable and ordered a withdrawal of the fleet and all ground forces from Sha'draig. Gorgon continued to make its way through Tau space and after the loss of the Ka'mais colony world, the Kel'shan Ethereal council ordered the evacuation of the colony worlds between Ka'mais and Kel'shan. As Gorgon left the Ka'mais system, it was attacked by Kor'O'Vanan's fleet at the Battle of Sol'ai Rift. Kor'O'Vanan was eventually forced to withdraw but did manage to take out many of Gorgon's Narvhals, bio-ships which the Tyranids use to travel faster than light, hoping to buy time for Kel'shan to further fortify against the coming Hive Fleet. Valroth's fleet traveled back to the Ke'lshan shipyards to undergo heavy retrofits in order to beat Gorgon's evolved immunities to Tau weaponry.[3]

Then in 760902.M41 an Imperial fleet emerged from the Warp and immediately besieged Ke'lshan, unaware that their warp journey had taken one hundred and fifty years and the Damocles Crusade they were dispatched to fight in had already come to an end. Castellan Crask's Cadian XVIIIth were deployed to begin the invasion. Valroth and his fleet were diverted to engage the newly arrived Imperial fleet. In 785902.M41 Gorgon descended upon Kel'shan and joined the already underway battle. Now faced with a common enemy, Crask and Valroth agreed to a truce and together their fleets turned on Gorgon, destroying close to all of its bio-ships. Gorgon, unique for its ability to rapidly evolve its bioforms, was unable to adapt quickly enough to the disparate nature of the Tau and Imperial Guard forces combined, and from 011903.M41-490903.M41 the Tyranids were purged from the surface of Ke'lshan. At the Battle of Worldspine Ridge in 500903.M41 the last Dominatrix and Hive Tyrant were slain and Hive Fleet Gorgon came to an end. The truce between the Imperium and the Tau also ended shortly after.[3]


In 998.M41 Ke'lshan again came under attack, this time from the Chaos Space Marines known as The Purge. The Nurgle Worshiping traitor Astartes attempt to convert the planets atmosphere into a corrosive poison to cleanse it of all life. However they are foiled by Sho'Aun and his Remora Drone Stealth Fighters, which cleanse the skies of the Sept of Blight Drones.[6]