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Kel Silonius

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Kel Silonius was a high-ranking member of the Alpha Legion during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy. Like the rest of his legion, he was physically modified to be near-identical to his Primarch, Alpharius.[1a]

Originally serving as a Headhunter, Silonius eventually rose to become a Harrowmaster and one of Alpharius' favorite commanders alongside Ingo Pech and Mathias Herzog. In preapration for the Solar War that would see the Alpha Legion's drive on the Sol System, Silonius was charged with a vital mission by Alpharius himself. Using Legion Librarians, Silonius seemingly had his mind switched with that of Alpharius while the Primarch took on the Harrowmasters identity. Alpharius, now taking on the persona of Silonius, infiltrated Terra and set the stage for the Alpha Legion's arrival by activating sleeper cells and assets. The real Silonius, commanding from the Battle Barge Alpha, spent the next year in stasis as he powered down his fleet to gradually drift into the Sol System in order to avoid detection.[1a]

Silonius led the Alpha Legion fleet of over 200 ships in the subsequent Battle of Pluto. However when Alpharius himself seemingly was killed by Rogal Dorn, he ordered a retreat and seemed unconcerned with his Primarch's death, stating that the entire Legion is one.[1b]