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Kelmon Firesight

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Gather the dead for war, let them join our ranks, lest we are forced to join theirs.
- Farseer Kelmon

Kelmon Firesight was an Eldar Farseer.[2]

Kelmon, chosen as Battleseer, led the military forces of his Craftworld Iyanden into battle with human Chaos-worshipers on an unknown world. Divining the future and guiding his forces from afar, he was momentarily disturbed when an unexpected and unexplained brief mental link with Warlock Karhedron formed during the battle. Despite this sudden visceral break in his concentration, Kelmon was able to guide his troops to victory. He was feted by his warriors after the battle.[2]

As Iyanden basked in glory following the defeat of Hive Fleet Naga and the Fallen Angel Zhemon, Firesight was a rare voice that urged caution and was worried that arrogance might yet again undo his people. He foresaw that the Tyranids yet encountered were only the harbinger of a greater threat, but his caution fell on deaf ears from his colleagues. In his efforts to protect the Craftworld, Firesight would be an ally and mentor to Prince Yriel in his war against the renegade Space Marine Kallorax. Firesight never told anyone of his reason for doing this, and he himself was not sure why beyond the fact that his runes foresaw that one day, Yriel would be pivotal for Iyanden's survival.[1]

After Iyanden stopped the invasion of Hive Fleet Kraken, Kelmon was found among the many dead. A dozen Tyranid bodies scorched by psychic fire were found surrounding where he fell.[3b]