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Kelner Anahat

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Kelner Anahat was a Prefect of the Ordo Sinister during the Great Crusade[1] and Horus Heresy.[2]

He was also its representative to the Council of Terra[1] and at the start of the Horus Heresy, Anahat gave sworn testimony that the Ordo Sinister consisted of only 20 modified Warlord Titans. The Council was also told, that these Titans were to remain on Terra, until they were called upon by the Emperor Himself. As the Heresy raged on, however, reports were made of unsettling Titans matching the Ordo's description, waging war on Horus' forces. These Titans were also of various types, leading many to doubt how true any of the official information known about the Ordo Sinister was.[2]