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Keltru was a Space Marine of the Scythes of the Emperor Chapter.[1a]


While a Scout, Keltru was a member of Squad Rezyk.[1d] By the Second Tyrannic War, he was serving in the 4th Company under Sergeant Angeloi.[1a]

Keltru was amongst those Marines to survive the Fall of Sotha, making it to the Chapter's muster point in the Miral System alive. While in the Miral System, the remaining Scythes stopped off at Miral Prime, which held a Chapter outpost on a mesa known as the Giant's Coffin, in order to resupply and collect any Aspirants and Neophytes that were being trained there.[1a]

In an effort to step up the rate of recruitment, Scout Sergeant Brimelow sent out teams to find more Mirali tribesmen who could replenish the depleted Chapter. In order to navigate the Death World's jungles, teams of two Marines were sent out with a local escort. Keltru was sent out with Brother Culmonios and a Mirali Neophyte named Hwygir.[1a][1b] On their expedition into the jungles, the team encountered a Miral land shark, which severely wounded Keltru, resulting in the loss of both of the Marine's legs.[1b][1c][1d]

As the Chapter's Apothecarion completely lacked the resources necessary to produce augmetic limbs for him at the time, Keltru was assigned to bastion command at the Scythes' outpost on Miral Prime when a tyranid splinter fleet invaded the Miral System.[1d]