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Kernax Voldorius

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Kernax Voldorius was a Daemon Prince and "Strikemaster" of the Alpha Legion.[1a][2]


A cruel and unholy warlord, he was responsible for the deaths of numerous billions when he woke the Bloodtide in 034.M38[3] and committed further atrocities on the worlds of Kento, Loran and Blind Hope. He led the Alpha Legion in the Assault on Zoran on M41.[4] He was counted among the greatest foes the White Scars ever had and managed to escape several of the Chapter's notorious Masters of the Hunt.[1]

When he was pursued by the 51st Master of the Hunt, Kor'sarro Khan, Voldorius headed for the imperial bastion-world Quintus where he brought the corrupt authorities under his sway. Here, his troops engaged in a guerrilla war with Raven Guard Marines under Kayvaan Shrike who later joined forces with the White Scars. Together, the Marines and their heroes confronted the Daemon Prince and his mutated retinue in the imperial cathedral of the capital where he made his last stand.[1a]

Although he relished in combat and inflicted severe losses to the loyalists, he was eventually torn up by Shrike and impaled on a statue of the Emperor where Kor'sarro Khan beheaded him[1a] in the streets of the planetary capital Mankarra.[5] His skull joined the many severed heads that adorn the passage to the White Scars' Fortress Monastery.[1b]

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