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Kesor is a veteran of N'dras Sept's many wars, as well as a master of stealth and subterfuge, who was plucked from the ranks of his XV25 Stealth Battlesuit Team to bring death to the Tau Empire's foes in a XV95 Ghostkeel Battlesuit. He joined the other Ghosts of N'dras at J'ka'vo Station, where he mastered the new weapon systems with great ease, and was deemed battle ready with the first wave of Ghostkeel pilots. Since that day he has served as a dedicated tank hunter, who has amassed an impressive tally of confirmed kills; most significantly against the warriors of the Blood Angels Chapter, operating near the Damocles Gulf. In this role he has become a personification of the Kauyon and already his success has been noticed by Tau command, who has thrust Kesor into the limelight as a hero of the Empire.[1]