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The Dal'yth Gal'leath Kessan is possibly the last Gal'leath Class Battleship that will ever be built, as Gal'leath construction winds down and most work is put into converting older vessels to the Mk XXIV design.[1]

In preparation for being the flagship for a major expedition to the Farsight Enclaves led by Aun'shi himself, the Dal'yth Gal'leath Kessan has been outfitted with Mantas and assigned to the veteran captain Kor'O Kessan and his crew, who recently survived an Ork attack near the Damocles Gulf. The Dal'yth Gal'leath Kessan has also had much of its holds converted to laboratories for the use of a scientific team led by the well-respected biologist Por'O Jess'l.[1]