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Kessel is an Inquisitor and ex-Daemonhost once possessed by the Daemon Loa Gorg who now unwillingly serves him as a Daemonhost. A part of Loa Gorg's essence remained within Kessel and forced the Daemon to cooperate with the Inquisitor, since his death would result in the release this soul-fragment and the destruction of the Daemon. This state of affairs lasted for three decades, the daemonic presence corrupting Kessel more and more. This would eventually have killed Kessel but he finally managed to transfear the soul-fragment into a Daemonsword that the Inquisitor now wields. This weapon extend his life as long as he is in possession of it, and he have been purging the unclean and researching Chaos for nearly two centuries.[3]

He has frequently crossed paths with the fellow Inquisitors Tyrus and Lichtenstein, each vying for him for their own ends. After Lichtenstein saved Kessel from Tyrus' prison at Cephalon Spaceport, the Daemonhost granted Lichtenstein safe passage to Equinox.[1]

Kessel is a dedicated member of the Chaoticians, precursers to the Xanthite movement. And was drawn to the world of Karis Cephalon looking for the device called the Angel. Leading to a conflict with Inquisitor Lichtenstein that was also looking for the Angel, but for other reasons.[3]



Kessel and his retinue was created by Games Workshop employee Gav Thorpe in White Dwarf 258 (UK) for the Inquisitor (game).[2a][2b]

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