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Kevin Walker

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"Apostate Walker"[1]

Kevin "Kev" Walker is an artist working for Games Workshop. His bio on the Black Library website states -

"Kev Walker used to work for Games Workshop as a full-time artist, so has a great understanding of Warhammer imagery. He was the concept artist on the Judge Dredd movie, has drawn everyone from the ABC Warriors to Judge Anderson, and is working on his own computer title, Perfect Assassin. Kev's interested in 'anything that should only be expected to appeal to the under-16s', 'reading, playing with and looking at anything science fiction and fantasy', listening to anything from Dvorak to Alice in Chains, and will eat anything so long as it does not look like a lump of snot in a shell."[2]
Kev Walker (c1989)[3]


Selected works include -