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The Keylekid were a xenos species[3] apparently wiped out by the Luna Wolves Space Marine Legion during the Great Crusade.


Approximately 123 years into the Great Crusade, the Luna Wolves discovered the world of Keylek, and the species that called it home, the Keylekid. A reptilian race, the average Keylekid was large and strong (in comparison to an Astartes), requiring three or four rounds from a bolt weapon to permanently put down.[1] Hathor Maat, a Captain of the Thousand Sons who was seconded to the Luna Wolves during the campaign, described the Keylekid as "dragons."[2]

Expecting a prolonged struggle against such formidable foes, the commander of the Luna Wolves forces, Horus Lupercal himself, was surprised by what happened next. The Keylekid, rather than following through on the initial combat generated by first contact, instead assembled in large pre-existing staging-grounds all over their domain and awaited the arrival of the Luna Wolves. It transpired that the Keylekid had developed an advanced philosophy concerning the detestation of war and had restricted and regulated armed combat in such a way that it was kept contained within slaughterhouses, the staging-areas observed by the Astartes. These slaughterhouses resembled roofed, open-walled structures several kilometres in area.[1]

Having ascertained why the Keylekid had assembled in their slaughterhouses, the Luna Wolves - at the suggestion of Maloghurst - took the opportunity to refuse to engage them on the marked-out fields of battle and simply destroyed them en masse from afar, presumably rendering the species extinct.[1]

A Keylekid cadaver was preserved aboard the Vengeful Spirit, in the ship's Museum of Conquest.[1]

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