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Khârn: Eater of Worlds (Novel)

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Khârn: Eater of Worlds
Author Anthony Reynolds
Publisher Black Library
Released December 2014
Pages 240
Editions 2014 ebook:
ISBN 9781782518471

Khârn: Eater of Worlds is a Black Library novel by Anthony Reynolds, depicting the World Eaters Legion in the immediate aftermath of the Horus Heresy. It was released in December 2014.

The novel is one of several recently published by Black Library, depicting noteworthy members of the Traitor Legions in the aftermath of the Heresy, along with The Talon of Horus and Ahriman: Exile.

Cover Description

The Horus Heresy is over and the Traitor Legions have scattered, fleeing the wrath of a vengeful Imperium. The World Eaters are leaderless, their primarch missing and their greatest hero, Khârn, in a coma. The surviving World Eaters have turned upon themselves, the Butcher's Nails driving them to ever greater acts of berserk savagery. Poised on the brink of destruction, the Legion needs a leader. It needs Khârn - but will his awakening save them, or doom them entirely?

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