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Khangba Marwu

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Khangba Marwu, also known as The Vault, was a vast prison complex located in the Himalazia Mountains, under the mountain known as Rakaposhi. Sections of the prison were designed specifically to house powerful psykers.[1a]


Khangba Marwu was an ancient prison of unknown origins once held by Kibuka of the Nordafrik Conclaves to hold Uilleam the Red for his execution. However, Kibuka would also find himself later imprisoned within Khangba Marwu. By the time of the Unification Wars it was maintained by the Legio Custodes and used to house enemies of the Imperium, including rival warlords defeated by the Emperor of Mankind. The Emperor was said to have personally prepared a cell for Narthan Dume that ultimately went unused after Constantin Valdor convinced Him to execute Dume instead.[1a]

After the beginning of the Horus Heresy, the Crusader Host were imprisoned in Khangba Marwu by Rogal Dorn,[2a][2c] and the most impregnable cellblock was made ready to contain Horus.[1a] Volkhar Wreth was later released by Dorn[2c] and by the time seven members of the Crusader Host escaped shortly after the Dropsite Massacre, Atharva believed there were only fourteen in Khangba Marwu.[1c] Malcador the Sigillite had Tubal Cayne released to join his Knights-Errant, approved by Valdor only after rigorous psy-screening.[3]

Notable Prisoners