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Khansu Dynasty

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The Khansu Dynasty was a dynasty of the Necrontyr that was opposed to the biotransference that transformed the Necrontyr into the Necrons. When it became apparent that the Triarch was determined to go through with the process, the Khansu openly revolted. Ascendent Prince Rakszan was one of the few amongst the Khansu that chose biotransference and was rewarded by his C'tan masters with the rank of Phaeron. Rakszan commanded the legions of Necrons that brought the Khansu to its heels, and the last of the Khansu were dragged to the biotransference chambers by force.[1]

As the War in Heaven ground on, the warriors of the Khansu were increasingly used as expendable troops or cannon fodder. During the revolt against the C'tans by Szarekh, Rakszan joined his Necron brothers against the C'tan out of anger for this indignation. Eventually, the nobles of the Khansu Dynasty were destroyed in the War in Heaven and C'tan revolt, its Warriors and Immortals seized by other dynasties and reprogrammed to their service. The sole surviving member of the Khansu Dynasty is Rakszan himself, on an eternal quest of vengeance to find and imprison every C'tan Shard.[1]

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