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Khazul was an Inquisitor Lord who served in the Calixis Sector and was the master of Acolyte Presumptive Okonawk. When Okonawk neared the end of his training to become an Inquisitor, Khazul sent him and a cadre of Acolytes to the planet Acreage on a mission of dire importance. Khazul had not prepared his Acolytes for the number of enemies they would face there, as he wanted to test Okonawk to see if he had what it took to become an Inquisitor. When disaster struck the cadre, Okonawk persevered and succeeded in his mission, though at the cost of one hundred thousand citizens of Acreage, as well as the lives of his fellow Acolytes. When Okonawk returned to his master, Khazul greeted his Acolyte and told him he had passed his final test to become an Inquisitor. Learning the bitter truth that cost so many lives, Okonawk killed his erstwhile master.[1]

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