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Khobotov was an Archmagos of the Adeptus Mechanicus.[1a]

When the Administratum orchestrated a raid on the Van Skorvold Star Fort on suspicion that the Van Skorvold Cartel was engaged in illegal mutant smuggling, Khobotov joined the Imperial battlefleet aboard his vessel, the 674-XU28, ostensibly to support the Administratum taskforce.[1a] In reality, however, he was there to steal a relic from the Van Skorvolds' vault, a Great Crusade-era weapon of the Soul Drinkers Chapter known as the Soulspear, in the hopes of unlocking its secrets.[1b][1c]

Transporting it to the Forge World of Koden Tertius, Khobotov tasked one of his Tech-priests, Sasia Koraloth, with studying the Soulspear.[1c] However, when Koraloth unlocked the weapon and test-fired it, she stole the spear and Khobotov was forced to mobilise a detachment of the Forge World's tech-guard to track her down and reclaim it.[1d][1e]

Khobotov was killed by the Daemon Prince Abraxes when it manifested on Koden Tertius.[1e]