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Khoradal Furio

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Khoradal Furio was the Captain of the Ninth Company of the Blood Angels Legion during the Great Crusade and the Horus Heresy.[3a]


Originally an iceborn from Baal's northern pole,[3a] Furio had ascended to the rank of Captain of the Ninth Company by the time of the Battle of Melchior. At that point, he was known as a brilliant tactician who followed orders without question, a trait he passed on to the warriors of the Ninth.[3b] While on approach to Signus Prime, Furio oversaw Legion Apothecaries perform autopsies on human casualties from derelicts found near Phoros. Every corpse had lost its bones, and there was no evidence of the bones dissolving or being surgically removed.[3c]

During the Battle of Signus Prime, after Sanguinius was injured by Ka'Bandha, unit cohesion within the Blood Angels broke down. Furio himself suffered as well, issuing first an order to advance and then a full retreat within minutes, missing vital code phrases to authenticate the orders. Sergeant Cassiel presumed it to be a ruse or a failure of will; both of which were out of character with his Captain.[3d] Furio survived the battle and was later present at a meeting in the ruins of the Cathedral of the Mark called by Sanguinius.[3e]

Later when the Imperial Palace was attacked in the Siege of Terra, he would be among the Loyalist forces that defended the Gorgon Bar section of the Palace's walls.[1]

When the Emperor led a Teleportation attack on Warmaster Horus' flagship, the Vengeful Spirit, Furio was among the Blood Angels Company that their Primarch Sanguinius commanded. The Captain led its Terminator forces, but due to Horus' machinations, the strike force's teleportation separated them all and the Blood Angels found themselves alone aboard the flagship. This did not stop them from carrying out the Emperor's attack and they fought the Sons of Horus repeatedly, as Sanguinius led his Company deeper into the Vengeful Spirit.[2]

Sensing the death of their Primarch at the hands of Horus, Furio fell into the madness of the Black Rage alongside the rest of the Blood Angels.[4a] However he survived long enough for the insanity to pass, and accompanied Raldoron back to Terra. He is later seen taking part in a funeral service for Sanguinius alongside the 500 surviving Blood Angels.[4b]