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Khorne Berzerker

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A Khorne Berzerker

Khorne Berzerkers are Chaos Space Marines dedicated entirely to glorifying the Chaos God Khorne through hand to hand combat. Driven by bloodlust, their only purpose is to kill and destroy their enemies in the name of Khorne. Eschewing long ranged weaponry, Berzerkers make almost exclusive use of close combat weapons, in particular the chainaxe. Chainswords, scimitars, ritual knives, Bolt Pistols, and other brutal close-quarters weapons are also frequently used.[7] However, they are known to use almost anything as a weapon at times, often continuing fighting even when in possession of no offensive weapons other than their own bodies.[1]


The original Berzerkers came from the World Eaters Legion under their Primarch Angron. By ritualized psycho-surgery known as the Butcher's Nails, he removed all sense of fear and danger and then heightened the bloodlust his soldiers experienced in combat. When Angron swore himself to the Blood God Khorne, the original Berzerkers were no longer bound by Imperial dogma and were given full reign to embrace their bloodthirsty skills. They have since become the ultimate shock troops of Chaos, entering an uncontrollable frenzy during battle. After the Battle of Skalathrax, most World Eaters Berzerkers formed separated warbands and many bastardized practices of their psycho-surgery spread to other Chaos Space Marine forces with them. Not all Berzerkers are the original World Eaters of Angron however, those Chaos Space Marines who wish to fully dedicate themselves to Khorne usually join a World Eaters warband and undergo the Butcher's Nails. Once the procedure is complete, they also feel nothing but the desire to kill, maim, and burn.[7]

Khorne Berzerkers are rightly feared by friend and foe alike, and in accordance with their will to please the god of war Berzerkers find the need to spill "Blood for the Blood God" overpowering. They are known to kill even their own allies if caught in the heat of battle or lacking alternative adversaries, a situation epitomized by Khârn the Betrayer. Their battle prowess has earned them a fearsome reputation on the battlefield, although it also leads to them being unable to form a single, cohesive and mutually supportive unit. Berzerker bands vary in size and strength, often lending their aid to whichever side offers them the greatest chance of combat and slaughter. Abaddon the Despoiler and his Black Legion in particular utilize large numbers of Berzerkers. Going a step further, Abaddon has recruited a number of highly-skilled Berzerker-surgeons to his cause, allowing the Black Legion to produce new Berzerkers in numbers that approach that of the World Eaters.[7]

Notable Khorne Berzerkers

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