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A Khrave[10]

The Khrave are a xenos-race of mind-eaters.[1]


Khrave are divided into "root minds", which are the actual organisms, and those slave organisms that serve their will. Root-Minds are over three meters tall and capable of great psychic feats which can enslave an entire world on their own. However even Khrave root minds require an initial biological host to fully manifest. It is said they exist in both the Materium and Immaterium simultaneously. The Khrave are quite old, having apparently predated even the Eldar Empire. They have plagued the galaxy since it was new, spreading by causing strife and mistrust in its host races.[9] They were at one point ruled by a primogenitor race known as the Autochthonar.[9a]

The Khrave are gradually drifting into Imperial territory, expanding their own empire.[2] The Imperium have fought with the Khrave since the Great Crusade.[4]

Known Incursions


The Khrave operate a variety of vessels such as Nest-Webs and Snare-Ships that utilize advanced Warp travel abilities.[8] One of their known types of weapons is the Warp Glamour, which can rip a Space Marine to pieces. Another type is the Extinction Carbine, which are known to tear apart enemies and assail them with a soul-wrenching storm.[11]

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