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Kill Team: Annual 2023

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Kill Team Annual 2023: Season of the Gallowdark
Released August 2023[1]
Pages 296[1]
Preceded by Kill Team: Annual 2022

Kill Team Annual 2023: Season of the Gallowdark is a supplement for the 3rd edition of Kill Team. It includes all of the rules from the Into the Dark, Shadowvaults, Soulshackle, and Gallowfall expansions, as well rules for the two teams from Ashes of Faith.[1]


After thousands of years adrift in the warp, the space hulk Gallowdark has emerged into realspace. A colossal, moon-sized derelict inhabited by mutants, aliens, and things known only by the screams of their victims, the Gallowdark's shadowy depths hold prizes beyond comprehension * ancient treasures, arcane weapons, and secrets forgotten to the galaxy. Kill teams of deadly operatives stalk each other through winding corridors and decaying machinery, conducting daring raids, assassinations, sabotage, and epic last stands that engulf the Gallowdark in a shadow war.[2]


  • Full rules for 10 kill teams (including datacards, Strategic and Tactical Ploys, equipment, and complete Spec Ops rules):
  • Rules for the walls and hatches of Killzone: Gallowdark, with Close Quarters rules for fighting in cramped conditions[2]
  • Additional terrain rules for four supplementary killzones * Into the Dark, Shadowvaults, Soulshackle, and Gallowfall[2]
  • Nine Critical Operations missions for Gallowdark games, offering balanced clashes with symmetrical objectives[2]
  • Four Shadow Operations mission packs * Into the Dark, Shadowvaults, Soulshackle, and Gallowfall * each including nine themed missions, for a total of 36[2]
  • Gallowdark Expedition campaign rules, allowing you to link your games together as you explore and salvage the space hulk[2]