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Kill Team: Gallowfall

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Kill Team: Gallowfall
Manufacturer Games Workshop
Released May 2023[1]
MSRP (£) 110 £[1]
Scale 28mm
Players 2
Preceded by Kill Team: Soulshackle
Followed by Kill Team: Ashes of Faith

Kill Team: Gallowfall is a box set and supplement for the 3rd Edition of Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team, released in May 2023.[1] It is also a forth and final book about Space Hulk Gallowdark campaign.[2]


In the doomed depths of the space hulk Gallowdark, elite kill teams hunt each other through crumbling passages. The space hulk is on the brink of annihilation, chunks of it torn away by the catastrophic crash of an Imperial prison barge. As it drifts ever-closer to destruction, long-confined distress signals emitted by an Ironkin of the Leagues of Votann finally break through to the galaxy beyond – and now The Reachfar, a cruiser of the Trans-Hyperian Alliance, speeds to the hulk to rescue their lost comrade. This will be no easy task, however, for they are hunted by a pack of Fellgor Ravagers – fearsome Chaos Beastmen hunters who stand among the Gallowdark’s most ferocious and cunning denizens.[1]


  • 1x 120-page Kill Team: Gallowfall rules manual: The fourth and final instalment of this season of Kill Team, providing new rules, datacards, and background tables for both the Hearthkyn Salvagers and Fellgor Ravagers kill teams, plus additional killzone rules for Medical Equipment, Escape Pods, and Stasis Pods, nine new Shadow Ops missions themed around escaping the Gallowdark, and nine Critical Ops missions for playing in the space hulk.[1]
  • 20x plastic miniatures: Two full kill teams, including new Chaos Beastmen miniatures[1]
  • 34x pieces of Killzone: Gallowdark terrain: This modular system of walls, doors, and pillars can be arranged in a huge variety of configurations to create different room and corridor layouts, with glueless assembly allowing you to adjust their positioning in-game.[1]
  • 18x pieces of Killzone: Gallowfall terrain: New pieces of detailed, modular terrain to expand your killzone, specially designed to suit the missions found in Kill Team: Gallowfall – including Escape Pods, Autopsy Tables, Surgical Chairs, Stasis Pods, Medical Supply Table, and Iron Lungs.[1]
  • 1x double-sided Gallowfall 30″ by 22″ game board[1]