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Kill Team: Into the Dark

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Kill Team: Into the Dark
Manufacturer Games Workshop
Released August 2022[1]
Scale 28mm
Players 2
Preceded by Kill Team: Moroch
Followed by Kill Team: Shadowvaults

Kill Team: Into the Dark is a box set and supplement for the 3rd Edition of Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team. It is the first box of the second season of this edition of Kill Team, and provides rules and terrain for close quarter games set in the twisting corridors of a space hulk.[1] It is also a first book about Space Hulk Gallowdark.[4]

Official description

"After thousands of years in the warp, the space hulk Gallowdark has emerged into realspace. This colossal, moon-sized derelict holds enormous wealth for those courageous enough to explore it – and terrifying dangers for those foolhardy enough to step inside. A mercenary Farstalker Kinband of the alien Kroot is first to seek the pick of the plunder, only to be cornered as elite Imperial Navy Breachers storm the hulk. Little do either team realise that their rivals are far from the only danger waiting within…

"This boxed set is packed with two complete kill teams – Imperial Navy Breachers armed for boarding, and a Farstalker Kinband of brutal Kroot – alongside a new gameboard and terrain pieces representing the interior of the Gallowdark, plus all the rules and accessories you need to start playing straight away."[1]


  • Kill Team Core Book
  • Kill Team: Into the Dark book, containing rules for both included teams, plus background material, artwork, missions, and linked campaigns aboard the Gallowdark space hulk.
  • 12 Imperial Navy Breacher miniatures
  • 12 Farstalker Kinband miniatures
  • 54 pieces of Gallowdark terrain and 6 Kill Team barriers
  • 3 Combat Gauges, a double-sided game mat, a Kill Team token sheet, 10 six-sided dice, and two decks of Tactical Ops cards