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Talon (Kill-team)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Deathwatch Kill-team; for the Planet, see Talon.

Kill-team Talon was the operational codename for a Deathwatch Kill-team under the command of an Inquisitor known only as Sigma.


Current records only provide information concerning two known actions of Kill-team Talon.


The first took place aboard an Ork spaceship of indeterminate class. The vessel, converted from an Imperial transport ship once called the Pegasus, was a salvager, under the command of an Ork named Bathazog Bludwrekk. Talon were tasked by their Inquisitor to take Bludwrekk's head. (Literally: the goal of the mission was to decapitate Bludwrekk and recover his cranium.)[1]

The mission plan generated was for Talon to ensconce themselves aboard a specialised Deathwatch boarding shuttle disguised to look like scrap and seeded in a drifting debris field that Sigma reckoned Bludwrekk's vessel would move to salvage. When it took aboard all the debris, the shuttle would find itself included. Talon would then be able to move through the vessel with some chance of secrecy and ultimately assassinate it's Kaptain. This plan would unfortunately mean that Talon's Deathwatch Dreadnought, Chyron, would be unable to take part in the mission, due to his inability to fit into a shuttle and poor stealth capabilities.[1]

The plan went - more or less - according to plan, with Talon boarding the vessel in relative quiet and being able to move freely for some time before setting off a concerted alert. Omni and Ghost were tasked with sabotaging the ship's reactor, while Scholar, Watcher and Prophet formed the execution team. Shortly before arriving at the bridge, Sigma detached Prophet and gave him a secondary mission to sabotage the vessel's fighter-craft complement and create another diversion, leaving just Scholar and Watcher the difficult task of slaying Bludwrekk. It transpired that the Ork Kaptain was a form of powerful psyker, seemingly technologically augmented. He and Scholar ended up duelling mentally as well as physically, and the effort of slaying Bludwrekk took so much out of Karras that he teetered on the edge of losing control of his powers. Fortunately, he was able to regain composure, secure Bludwrekk's severed head, and lead his team back to the boarding shuttle, with which they made their egress, shortly before the Ork vessel blew up.[1]


Three years later, Talon were sent to the world of Menatar, specifically to the Orga Station facility. It transpired that the Adeptus Mechanicus at the facility had been uncovering buried Eldar ruins and artifacts, and Sigma wished Talon present for the final stage in a particular exhumation. This particular research project had in mind the goal to examine the Eldar technology, and then find a way to use it (or it's design) for human purposes.[2]

Unfortunately, the thing discovered proved to be a containment vessel for an extremely large and hostile xenos lifeform, believed to be related to the Tyranids, which resisted all attempts to kill it, until particularly heroic action by the Deathwatch Dreadnought Chyron and the Raven Guard Siefer Zeed put it down for good. With the project having gone awry, Sigma ordered maximum deniability, which Kill-team Talon somewhat reluctantly complied with, leaving Orga Station a lifeless, destroyed wreck.[2]

Known Members