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Kill Team Unit

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Kill Team Units are small groups of warriors who are frequently assembled by their species to carry out missions that larger armies can not accomplish.[1]


This can require them to be capable of stealth, speed and flexibility, which leads to Kill Teams having a staggering amount of variety in their composition. They can be highly disciplined elite forces, remnants of much larger devastated forces, specially formed for specific tasks or gathered ad hoc as and when required. However they are assembled, or what mission they are given, Kill Teams are a vital force within armies and many commanders have won victories due to these small bands of warriors.[1]

There are even independent Kill Teams that are thrown together by the whims of fate or driven by a number of personal motivations, such as opportunism, greed or vengeance. Though even if they are carrying out the orders of far away commanders or pursuing their own vendettas against those who have wrong them, Kill Teams are an integral part of war in the Galaxy.[1]

Kill Team Names Used by Species or Factions

Known Kill Teams